300,000 Trouble Free Miles With 3 Additives

I am a believer in changing the "big three" (oil, transmission fluid, coolant) early and often to achieve maximum life of a vehicle. Experimenting with nearly every additive on the market over the years, there are very few I continue to use. After reaching 300,000 miles without any mechanical failures this summer I decided to document the additives I used and how often.

Here are the ones I use with a brief explanation...

  • Kreen from Kano Labs - Use in the oil while driving. Dissolves hardened sludge and varnish leaving it in suspension to be filtered, then drained at oil change.
  • Techron Concentrate Plus or Red Line SI-1 - Contains the modern additive Polyether Amine (PEA) proven by modern testing to be the most effective gas additive for fuel injector, combustion chamber, valve and complete fuel system cleaning.
  • Lubegard Automatic Transmission Fluid Protectant -Blessed by transmission rebuilders and auto manufacturers. Extends the ATF life, lowers heat, seal conditioners.
  • RMI-25 - A lubricant, cleaner and corrosion inhibitor for use while driving. Silicate, Nitrate, Borate and Molybdenate free for use with modern OAT coolants.
Dosage (What I recommend after years of experimentation)
  • Techron concentrate Plus or Red Line SI-1 - 2 10 oz bottles in one full tank once a year a week before you change your oil.
  • Kreen - 1/2 qt for last 1,000- 2,000 miles of an oil change interval every 30k.
  • Lubegard - 1 10 oz bottle every other drain and fill interval or 30k. Check the LUBEGARD ATF Conversion and Refill Chart for the correct lubegard version for your transmission.
  • RMI-25 - 1 8oz bottle half way through a coolant drain and fill interval or 15-20k.

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