Car Care Maintenance Schedule

The following is a maintenance schedule that has given me 314,000 miles without major repair to the engine, transmission, cooling, steering and braking systems. While its always a good idea to follow your owners manual, some of us don't buy into "lifetime" fluids. This does not include mechanical wear items like tires, brakes, struts, etc.

Look for deals at Autozone, AAP, Walmart, eBay and Amazon. For oil and filter nobody beats Walmart pricing.

If you are not in a position to change the fluids yourself, find a local shop that will change the fluids using your supplies charging a small fee. Many will do that for you.

Car Care Maintenance Schedule
  • Synthetic oil changes 7k (Mobil 1, Mobil 1 High Mileage, Pennzoil Platinum, Pennzoil Ultra. Purolator Classic, Purolator PureOne, Fram Ultra)
  • TB/MAF/PCV Valve cleaning once a year just before changing oil (throttle body cleaner, MAF cleaner)
  • 2 bottles fuel system cleaner in 1 tankful of gas once a year just before changing oil (Techron concentrate plus or Redline SI-1).
  • PS drain and fill reservoir every other oil change (see your manual).
  • Coolant drain and fills 3yrs/40k (see your manual)
  • ATF drain and fills 2yrs/30k (see your manual)
  • Brake bleed 2yrs/30k (with new pads NEVER push fluid back in)
  • Air filter 2yrs/30k (Fram)
  • Plugs 70k (Iridium, see your manual)

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